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Get Involved

Use Your Voice!

Together we will take back our country in 2022. 

The only way to Save America is for every Patriot to GET INVOLVED.   Attend Legislative Meetings and Peaceful Demonstrations.  Find organizations on this page that you can get involved with.  



Get Involved

Election Integrity Alliance

Take Action Now

Tell Senate Republican Rules Committee Members to stand up for Election Integrity.

HR 1 / S1 is a HUGE problem and would undermine our Constitution.   

Sign this Petition and share with your Friends and Family: 

Find out more about  AMAC and what you can do to GET INVOLVED! 

Defend Florida

Take Part in a Watch Dog Group

Want to know what our Local and State Legislators are up to?   We do too!  That’s why we need more Citizen Journalists to volunteer and participate in attending Legislative Sessions or watching Live Webinar Meetings.  To sign up visit these forms below:

Broward Volunteer Intake Form –

Broward County Citizen Audit form –

For more information visit or text DEFEND to 474747

Get Involved

Florida Freedom Keepers

Unite. Educate. Empower

Florida Freedom Keepers (FFK) is a collaboration of citizens across Florida who share information about senate bills and ways to get involved. It is a chapter of Freedom Keepers United (501c3 / 501c4) created by the CA Freedom Keepers. A peaceful and positive platform to spread awareness. Our goal is to unite, educate, and empower others.

To Visit the FFK Website, please go to: 

Get Involved

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Get Involved